Brilliant Baltic Amber

I had always loved the smell of amber in the highly fragranced perfumes at Bath and Body Works, but since my increased sensitivity and awareness to synthetic chemicals and alcohol laden perfumes I had stopped using it sadly.

Having already had a fondness towards the sent of amber and I was intrigued  whence a friend had told me she used an amber teething necklace with her son. Hearing it can be beneficial to helping little ones deal with teething. So began my search for more information  on the helpful healing gem.

There is a plethora of fascinating information about Baltic amber out there in there cyberspace. Baltic amber which is also known as the gold of the north was formed over 45 million years ago. Wow that’s a long time! this gold of the north is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” which came from pine trees that grew in Northern Europe. Which would now be the Southern regions of Scandinavia. Through climate changes the trees produced large amounts of  resin which became a solid form due to oxidation.

People have Long been interested in amber for many reason including the divine aroma that is released when it is heated up or burnt, the soothing properties due to the levels of succinic acid (3-8%) and the beautiful little nuggets that are washed up on the shores.

There are fascinating Legends and myths such as the legend about two suns, legend about Gauja bird, legend about Jurate, Ancient Greek legend about Phaethon. To learn about these myths and legends   click here. Check out the amber artisans for more info on Baltic amber.

I ended up getting a Baltic amber teething necklace for my Zinnia at Dari Rasa Trunk show it is a dark orange with a brown tint. I love it and so does she!!! At first I thought that you chew on the necklace but there is no need to because the succinic acid is delivered directly into the blood stream through the skin so that you can receive the benefits even through an anklet.

I hope that this helps those who have been contemplating getting some Baltic amber jewelry . Do its amaaazing!!!!






Author: Woman Thunder Nakai Tallon Hollow Horn

Greetings!! I am a young woman on a path of self healing and to share the light . We are all the light ! I will share with you what has helped me along my journey because I trust that if you are here you are able to embrace the light and follow love. Loving blessings , Woman Thunder

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