Minfulness Meditation

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Under the towering trees overhead, my hair swishing in the subtle breeze. Atop a mountain, above the tipi. This is where I was introduced to mindfulness meditation while at a family camp when I was younger. I was asked to follow my breath and imagine a pink orb of protecting light floating over me then enveloping me within its radiance. This felt good. At first the visualization aspect of the meditation was pretty tricky to me. As I focused more on the sensations of how it felt to be held by this luminous pink, bubble of love, I began to move inside myself. Discovering what it felt like to be me at that moment in time and space. Asking myself to be fully present to all my sensations.

​As I was guided through this meditation I was asked visualize a peaceful place. I saw a grand waterfall flowing over the side of a mountain pooling into a serene swimming hole. Green fields filled with colorful flowers in abundance lead me to a large red stepping stone. As I approached this radiant deep red stepping stone I became aware that it was hovering ever so slightly. As I stood there on this red stone of light and love, I knew that I was beginning a glorious journey. The Red step lead to an equally radiant orange step. The steps formed a spiraling staircase that ascended into the sky. I followed the orange step up to a luminous yellow. As I rose up higher and higher the floating staircase did too. Up and up I went onto an emerald green step. I was approaching a cloud which I could not see past. With hope in my heart I took another step not knowing for fact if there would be a place for me to land or not. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself atop a brilliant blue floating step, amidst a sea of clouds so bright and white, making a beautiful backdrop for the step so bold and blue it sparkled just like a sapphire. I ventured on up the stairs that I could no longer see but sensed with my heart that more lie ahead. I landed upon a majestic purple step. I could now see the clouds beginning to open up in the air above. Taking yet another leap of faith I journeyed onwards. A step of pure bright white light, lay underneath my feet. I was on a cloud and all I could see bellow was the stairway of light, which seemed to coil up so tight that it appeared straight. Making perfect sense at this moment that the steps that I took to arrive upon the cloud were the colors represented by my own internal energy centers. My chakras.

Ahead of me was a temple. I could feel the vibrations of something calling me, just behind the doors. As I approached the doors with anticipation, they opened up for me. Inside the temple it was a sanctuary. There stood an Elder Native American woman with long white braids, a kind smile and a loving presence. She was dressed in white buckskins. She was beautiful. This peaceful woman was sitting beside a grey wolf, while she gently stroked its thick coat. The wolf had wisdom in its eyes. Perching on top of the wolf was a beautiful bald eagle. Truly an astonishing sight! I can remember feeling so deeply grateful and blessed for their presence.

No words were spoken but there were definitely messages received. I was given a strong sense of love, acceptance, guidance, protection, blessings, and companionship. I really did not want to leave but as it was a guided meditation at a camp, the leader asked us to begin descending back down to earth. As I left my temple in the sky my guides essences remained by my side. I walked to the edge of the clouds where I was yet again enveloped in that familiar, loving pink light. It transported me back to earth in a gentle yet swift fashion. Through the clouds, floating past the cascading waterfall I was lightly placed upon the luscious grassy green field, filled with bright and bold flowers all around me. Delightful aromas dancing around the air.

​I went back to find myself sitting in the field and climbed back inside my vessel. I started focusing my attention back to my breathing .As I  following my inhalations and exhalations I let the universe fill me. As I fluttered my eyes open I saw the sun glistening next to the tall mountains. Everything seemed to look more beautiful in a magical way. More than before. I appreciated all that surrounded me. Really allowing myself to be in the moment.

For those of you beginning to explore mindfulness mediation, be easy with yourself new habits take some time to create. The average person can hold a quiet mind for 3 seconds. When you are getting distracted with thoughts (which will happen) try to remember that learning how to meditate is like training a puppy. Gently reminding the puppy or your thought where to go will work better than an a harsh tug and pull. The still place inside of you where you can find that quiescence is a beautiful place, it can be so helpful to get in touch with inside yourself.

There are so many different mindfulness meditations that you can participate in. Simply search online to find one that suits your needs. If you are interested in a guided mediation You Tube has a lot of good resources. I really hope that my experience helps empower you to give meditation a shot, it can be a very helpful, grounding, centering and calming tool to put into your ever expanding tool box.

Thank you for stopping by. I would love to hear your experience with mediation and if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them. Wishing you blessings within your journey and peace with in your heart.

Light & love, Nakai


Author: Woman Thunder Nakai Tallon Hollow Horn

Greetings!! I am a young woman on a path of self healing and to share the light . We are all the light ! I will share with you what has helped me along my journey because I trust that if you are here you are able to embrace the light and follow love. Loving blessings , Woman Thunder

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