My Sonic Bliss Bath Experience

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Saturday  night I attended a sonic bliss bath. I even got the whole family to join. Even though it was new to all of us David and Zinnia seemed to enjoy it. Madoc didn’t know what to think. My almost 9 month old baby girl did splendid for it being bed time. The gong sounded as we entered a tad bit late. I could hear it ringing out in the hall as my anticipation grew. Needing to be immersed in the nourishing vibrations coming from the other room. I became impatient, did not want to wait for my 11 year old brother. As I waited, what was surely just a few moments seemed to be drawn out for a very long while.

When we finally approached the room in the library where the bliss bath was happening, I became slightly overwhelmed by the large turn out. There were people laying and sitting on yoga mats everywhere in the dark room. The only lights that I could see were those surrounding the singing bowls, a soft light illuminating the corner of the room with relaxing colors. It was a new experience entirely. Being in a meditative atmosphere with the family around was joyous and comforting. I am eternally grateful to have been able to experience such bliss with the ones who means the most to me.

Warming relaxation vibrations envelope us all. Inhaling serenity while letting the natural release of my breath guide the healing energy to where it needs to flow. Meditating with a baby has helped me get into my body faster and allow my senses to take over. I am able to deeply appreciate my moments of quintessence. Diving deeper into the fulfilling sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs and other vibratory healing tools.

It was monumentally helpful having David there to take Zinnia out to play when she needed to release some energy. The many singing bowls, gongs and colorful lights were hard to keep my wandering eyes off of. I let myself be curious while gently bringing myself back to my body, when I got too stuck in my head. I brought reiki into my bliss bath. A tool that never seems to be out of place.

Cradling my sacral chakra, while opening my chest and heart chakra felt right in the moment. Feeling the music peak within my temple. Feeling the wave of light, love and balance as it flowed through me. Bringing in new life energy, while pulling out all that no longer serves me.

As the sound came in I could feel its nourishing essence filling me up. Climbing through my root chakra all the way to my crown. When the energy peaked at the top of my head, it then flowed back down in perfect circulation.  I have heard and felt the effects that wearing a hat can help contain your energy. Helping it flow within, instead of becoming lost energy shot out from the top of your star gate. (Or crown chakra).

The tickling fingers of source, sent to me from the angelic sounds. Are now one within me. This is bliss. Even David said that he felt relaxed and at ease. Zinnia Joy loves singing bowls. There was a point that she was almost about to throw a fit, when the a woman playing the singing bowl walked towards her and circled it around her head. Instantaneously she calmed and went back to being the happiest baby on the block

I am still feeling the affects of bliss ring out within me. If you are contemplating experiencing a sonic bliss bath for whatever the reason may be, give it a shot you might just find yourself in pure bliss.

I would love to hear any of your blissful experiences Eternal gratitude for your time and energy.






Author: Woman Thunder Nakai Tallon Hollow Horn

Greetings!! I am a young woman on a path of self healing and to share the light . We are all the light ! I will share with you what has helped me along my journey because I trust that if you are here you are able to embrace the light and follow love. Loving blessings , Woman Thunder

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