How To Add Hemp Oil Into Your Diet


Hemp oil is an all around GREAT for you ingredient to add to your diet. They are a plethora of reasons consuming hemp oil is good for you. This is a helpful site I came across where you can learn some helpful things about hemp, or do your own research on why consuming hemp oil can benefit your life.

Hemp oil has a rich flavor and is hard to mask the taste. I have found that the best way to play with the hemp flavor is by adding a vibrant citrus tang, a garlicky element, a protein or making a dressing/ marinade.

Hemp oil vinaigrette as an easy and delicious way to add nourishing hemp oil into your diet!  3:1 Ratio of oil and vinegar is what my pallet prefers. It seems to be better balanced than the typically referred to ratio of 2:1. Dissolve a little salt in 1tbsp of vinegar. Add 3tbsp oil. I like to do 1 1/2tbsp hemp oil and 1 1/2tbsp of olive oil. Add pepper to your liking. You can substitute the vinegar for and other acid. Orange, lemon and clementine all go great with hemp  oil! This vinaigrette is great on salads, as a marinade or just tossing in some quinoa.

Another way I like to incorporate healthy hemp oils into my diet is by cooking my protein in it. This works with virtually any protein! You can sauté tofu, chicken, fish, beef, bison, lamb, pork or just veggies! Another one of my favorite ways to use this oil is in smoothies !!

Green smoothies make me feel so fulfilled and revived. The beautiful green color of the hemp oil and the silky nutty tastes makes it a truly synergetic blend with any of your favorite green meal smoothie recipes.

Some of my top 10 favorite ingredients to use in a green smoothie are coconut water with pulp, lavender kombucha, pomegranate juice, blood oranges, lime, cranberries, strawberries, mangos, kale, spinach, bananas, papaya, pineapple and HEMP OIL!

Recently I have been making homemade cat food for my precious Lilly the cat.  I add hemp oil to it for the health benefits so she can soak it up too! I have noticed a healthier coat and stronger nails already!

I would love to know what you do with your hemp oil! have a great day!!






Author: Woman Thunder Nakai Tallon Hollow Horn

Greetings!! I am a young woman on a path of self healing and to share the light . We are all the light ! I will share with you what has helped me along my journey because I trust that if you are here you are able to embrace the light and follow love. Loving blessings , Woman Thunder

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