Coconutty For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an amazing multifaceted oil, available in many different varieties to choose from. I  always go for USDA certified organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil if I am going for a solid when cold oil. Coconut oil can be used as an effective moisturizer for the whole family , eye cream, pre-shave, aftershave, deep hair conditioner, stretch mark cream, massage oil,  skin problems, eczema, acne and more! You can use fractionated coconut oil or liquefied coconut oil, for oil pulling. A helpful oral hygiene tool. 

Coconut oil is a  great super food that assist you on your journey in many ways. If you are striving towards loosing weight coconut oil can help you. The fatty acids destroy yeast overgrowth commonly called candida. It can also reduce carb cravings and give your metabolism a nice boost.

If you are looking for an immunity boost, coconut oil, is the oil for the job. Coconut oil is equipped with unique saturated fats containing anti-fungal, anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties that help boost your immunity. It can be a valuable asset to those suffering from diabetes because it improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. This regulates the blood sugar and protects against insulin resistance.

Amazing for infections because it contains lauric acid. Lauric acid is found only in breast milk and coconut oil. Treats all types of infections quickly and effectively. No wonder the shirts that say “My mom says there’s nothing a little breast milk and coconut oil wont cure.” Are such a hit!

One of my favorite things to do with coconut oil is too make pure whipped body butter. You can also put it into a silicone mold to make body bars! Its super simple here I’ll even give you a recipe you can use at home. The luscious natural skin moisturizers in this recipe  are safe for even the most sensitive newborn skin.  

Pure Whipped Body Butter

For this recipe you will need:

1 Cup Coconut oil ( You can use more or less depending on size of container)

1/2 Cup Calendula infused olive oil

1 Cup Mango butter

1 Large capsule of Evening primrose oil

4 small ( or 2 large) Vitamin E capsules

10 Drops of Rosehip seed oil

Optional ingredients: Essential Oils

I used Cypress EO for its circulatory benefits

Step 1.STERELIZE all tools that will be used. You will need: A spoon, a thick walled glass container (I like using a measuring cup), a hand mixer (you can use a silicone mold if you want to make a body bar). Something sharp to pierce the capsules. I use scissors.You can sterilize your equipment by heating equipment in the oven for 20 minutes oven or rubbing alcohol or both.

Step 2.MELT using the double boiler method (You can use a pot of water with a measuring cup inside or use a mini crock pot that has been sterilized).Add coconut oil and mango butter and melt on the lowest setting. Stir occasionally until the oil is fully melted.

Step 3. ADD INFUSED OIL when the mixture is fully melted. 1/2 a cup of infused oil of your choice. I used calendula. Mix well.

Step 4.PIERCE capsules and squeeze out the oils into the measuring cup or mason jar

Step 5. ADD pure essential oils last to keep healing properties in tact. (OPTIONAL)

5 Easy steps !

If you cant seem to find the time to make this recipe but would really like to experience this natural alternative to chemical and alcohol laden moisturizers you find in superstores, Just send me a message on  my page over at Blossom With JOY. You can also find me over on the Woman Thunder Facebook Page.

Thanks for stopping by.I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more tid bits from my tool box. I would love to know what is some of your favorite ways to use this grand super food oil?

Have a super duper terrific day!






Author: Woman Thunder Nakai Tallon Hollow Horn

Greetings!! I am a young woman on a path of self healing and to share the light . We are all the light ! I will share with you what has helped me along my journey because I trust that if you are here you are able to embrace the light and follow love. Loving blessings , Woman Thunder

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