Wellness in a bottle


Oh my soul! I am incredibly in love with my new gem water bottle!
VitaJuwel makes an exquisite gem water to go bottle. VitaJuwel was kind enough to send me a  VIA~ WELLNESS.

The Wellness VIA  contains a gem pod that holds some well known powerful gems including amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz. This is the recommended VIA to choose if you dont quite know which one to choose. I always drink spring water when ever possible but its not always available. With my VIA there are no worries at all. Transform tap water into the best water for your body.

This compact little mirical bottle is a must have for everyone! This stunning bottle transforms your everday water, making it alkaline, oxygenated, purified and absolutely delicious!

I imedietly noticed the lighter taste and all around good feeling that enveloped me imedietly after drinking the water. As the week went on I started having more energy and a clearer mind. I don’t know for sure if the gem water caused that or not but i am observing it.

The VIA is a very delicate glass water bottle so I do suggest picking up a sleeve for it.
If your a Bozeman local you can head down to Dari Rasa Trunk Show to get one.  I got a sleek black full sleeve with Vita Juwel writen down the side in gold lettering. Very asteticly pleaseing whilst easing your mind a bit about your precious water bottle.


The gem pods that are in the gem water bottle are a great solution to an ancient problem. In the past and sometimes still in the present, gem infused water also known as crystal elixers were made by putinv gems directly into the water. The problems with this is that some gems can emit harmful contaminants into the water. The stones also need to be cleaned regularly.


The gem pods are a safer more hygienic option to an age old practice. You can switch out the gem pod to give your gem water a little twist. A quick tip if you want to further charge your VIA place it infront of a Himalayan salt lamp for a while .


Thanks again VitaJuwel for providing me with a VIA for review.
What is your favorite VitaJuwel gem water blend?

Have an amazing journey to you all.


Author: Woman Thunder Nakai Tallon Hollow Horn

Greetings!! I am a young woman on a path of self healing and to share the light . We are all the light ! I will share with you what has helped me along my journey because I trust that if you are here you are able to embrace the light and follow love. Loving blessings , Woman Thunder

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